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September 2021
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Hosted by Matt in Bristol


Marta del Grandi: Amethyst

Elsa Hewitt: IFM

Pictish Trail: Natural Successor

Star Rover: Ghosts of New York State

Herbert Powell: Once Powerful Uncle


with thanks to Brooke, Jenna, JR, Malcolm, and Shauna

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Hosted by Matt, in Bristol



Tuvaband: Fully Mature Things

Sulka: Hollow Days

Charlotte Spiral: Out of Here

Jourdann: Simmering in Sadness

with thanks to Amy, Brooke, Jourdann, Katie and Malcolm

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Hosted by Matt in Bristol


Cedarmere: Powerless

The Pictish Trail: Dream Wall

The Gracious Losers: Loath to Leave

Lazy Eyes: Where's My Brain?


with thanks to Jessy, Malcolm, Gary, James and Brooke

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Our first episode of 2021, hosted by Matt in Bristol. Playing

1. Kinbote: Coins with Little Holes in Them

2. Virginia Wing: Holding Out for Something

3. Firestations: The Circular

4. Sulka: Fear It

5. Sarah Mary Chadwick: Full Mood

with thanks to Brooke, James, Malcolm and Jenna


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Hosted by Matt in Bristol


Floating Room - Freak Show

Tuesday Faust - Man in the Moon

Gustaf - Mine

Yore - Hawing

The Psychotic Monks - Closure

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Hosted by Matt in Bristol, playing

Alexia Avina - Cups

Floating Room - Held Open Door

Kinbote - Hiemalis

Yore - Bon Mot

Pillow Queens - Liffey

with thanks to Malcolm, Casey, Amy, Jay and Brooke

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Hosted by Matt in Bristol


INDIGOS - Silhouette of You

Chappaqua Wrestling - The Rift

Tuesday Faust - Sorry

Holy '57 - Hyper-Real

Jacknife Lee - I'm Getting Tired (feat. Earl St. Clair and Beth Ditto)

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John MOuse - Le Pigeon

Throwing Muses - Dark Blue

otta - Never See

Hannah Georgas - Just a Phase

Alexia Avina - Fit Into

Hosted by Matt in Bristol, UK

with thanks to Bill,Brooke, James, Jay, Jenna and Malcolm

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Knife Wife - Dogs

Jaunt - Nostalgia for the Present Moment

Pictish Trail - Lead Balloon

Mitchell Museum - Hold Me Up

Asgeir - Picture

Hosted and produced in Bristol, UK by Matt


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Naytronix - I'm Turning Into You

Playing House - Not Good

Jane Weaver - Mission Desire (Loop Variation)

Grebes - One Trick Pony

Moon Panda - Gun

Hosted by Matt in Bristol

With thanks to Josh, Jenna, Casey and Ellie

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Hosted by Matt in Bristol, UK



Drahla - Pyramid Estates

Wasuremono - New York


ath - Hanging Out Of Cars

Sebadoh - Raging River

Deliluh - Rabbit


Thanks to Katie Malcomson, Ellie Thompson, Kevin Mockford and Jenna Jones


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Becky and Matt host the thirteenth episode of the KV podcast.


ICHI: Hippo +47

Robert Pollard: My Daughter Yes She Knows

Shonen Knife: Jump into the New World

She Makes War: Paper Thin (featuring Tanya Donelly)

Woodpigeon: Whole Body Shakes

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After a lengthy break, the KV podcast is back, hosted by Matt in London, playing some of our favourite new and reissued music



Mikael Tariverdiev - My Younger Brother

Lily & Madeleine - Hourglass

Woodpigeon - Faithful

Carter Tanton - Twenty Nine Palms

Bert Jansch - Lapwing


With special thanks to Lucy Hurst and Jenna Jones

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The KV Podcast - Episode 11

After a lengthy break, the KV podcast is back from Bristol, UK.

The show is hosted by Matt, and the tracklisting is

Animalia - See

Woodpigeon - Red Rover, Red Rover

Sea Oleena - Island Cottage

Gregory and the Hawk - Loser

Thirty Pounds of Bone - The Streets I Staggered Down

Thanks and love to Animalia, Mark, Charlotte, Meredith and Alan. Hello and thanks to you for listening!

Image "Radial" by Matt

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The Kid Vinyl Podcast Episode 10, featuring Laura Veirs

Kid Vinyl Podcast Episode 10 hosted by Matt in Bristol. Includes part of an interview with Laura Veirs.


1. Sparrow and the Workshop; Horse's Grin

2. The Ropes: Love Is A Chainstore

3. Laura Veirs: Life Is Good Blues

4, Cataldo: My Heart is Calling/ Following


Photo of Laura Veirs and The Hall of Flames live on Thekla, Bristol January 2010 by Matt

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Kid Vinyl Podcast Episode 9, January 3rd 2010 Episode Nine of the Kid Vinyl Podcast, the first of a new series for 2010. Hosted by Matt Law in Bristol. Songs played on this episode:

1. DeVotchKa - Transliterator
2. Gregory and the Hawk - Grey Weather
3. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher than the Stars
4. Au Revoir Simone - Through the Backyards
5. Vic Chesnutt - Chain
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Apologies to anybody who received the test podcast last week. Kid Vinyl had been experiencing some technical problems. Here, then, is the real Ads P with his sultry Darlington accent...
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Golly, has it really been three months? Awful sorry. Enjoy the show though. Full details at Kid Vinyl
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Hosted by Ads P

Edited by Matt Law

The Electric Cinema - Heat Exchange (Live)
TGSMP - U Must Learn
Rod Thomas - Good Coat (live)
The Master Chaynjis - Only Death Can Save Us (Live)
Fred Moth - Hobble
Rory Nunn - Tether (live)
The Electric Cinema - Brand New Blues (Live)

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Trickledown 8 Preview Podcast Saturday 14th October sees the return of Trickledown at Bush Hall, and this is our preview... 
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The Ads P Show  - Episode One Kid Vinyl's new podcast series, The Ads P show, kicks off in fine form, with hosts Adam Piercy, Becky Matthews and Dan Benson bringing you some very very pleasing music we can't keep quiet about

Suzerain - Certain Speeds
screen3 - Breakout
Music Video? - House of Cards
Husky - 1984
Smith - Dirty Lies
Chinafight - The Black, The White and The Grey
The New Town Centres - Balacoa
Vacant Tourists - Who Tomorrow Brings
screen3 - Glimpse at the Sub (Eclipse)

Edited and engineered by Matthew Law
Produced by Becky Matthews
A Kid Vinyl Podcast

Kid Vinyl homepage anybody?

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xx speed trials xx podcast from An extra special podcast, hosted by Matt, featuring some of the acts playing at xx speed trials xx at the Purple Turtle, Camden on August 22nd

The tracklisting is
1) Rory Nunn - Future Fading
2) Chain of Fools - Dead September
3) Patrick Plunkett - Dangerous Roads
4) the m j law - The California Light (Exclusive Live Recording)


Kid Vinyl homepage anybody?

Technorati Profile
Direct download: speedtrialspodcast0806.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:39am EDT went out for a pizzette with ace band Robots in Disguise and had a bit of a chinwag. Unfortunately, the microphone was a bit rubbish, but do have a listen anyway, they're a lovely band
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